Feminist bloggers begin to talk about ethics at MIRCI conference

Last week we were at the MIRCI Mega Motherhood conference in Toronto  (http://www.motherhoodinitiative.org/MegaBookletFinalJune14.pdf) where we made a brief presentation about this blog to about 30 feminists who’re interested in some of the concerns we have about parents blogging about the lives of their children and their families.

The issues we raised at the conference are the same ones we’ve raised here on our blog, including the tension between how to honour the authenticity of women’s/mother’s/parents’ voices and experiences, while also honouring the privacy and lives of children and other family members. And like us, participants expressed the need for further discussion around these primary questions and how to engage bloggers to ask these questions of themselves and others prior to pressing the publish button.

We extended our open invitation to those at the conference, just as we have to you meeting us here, to join this online discussion and engage in a dialogic approach that’s fundamental to debating and developing a guide for or code of conduct in the blogosphere. We hope to hear from well known bloggers such as Annie Urban, author of PhDinParenting.com blog (http://www.phdinparenting.com/about), as well as others who may or may not have their own blogs but who’ve already given thought to or are now thinking about the ethical considerations of blogging.

We look forward to carrying on the conversation here with those who wish to join us.