As  a first-timer to MIRCI conference (Pantages Hotel, Toronto, June 2013), I was unsure what to expect. Turns out that was a good attitude, since the conference was richly varied, with voices from many sectors, representing ages, sexualities and even values. Great thinking experience. The sort of prepatory work that would go into building this coalition of voices is amazing. Thanks to Andrea O’Reilly and the group of women who support the work of MIRCI and Demeter.

I am suprised to find the piece that I’m still mulling over had to do with media depictions of mothers and fathers–particularly how the cup runneth over with dumb, undisciplined dads. Anyone say Homer or Peter Griffin??

Oh: also completely grateful to the woman who spoke as gay mother, commenting on sure way to put out flames of mommy wars–her point being that as a gay person, feeling guilty is an imposition that is culturally based and naturalized, and that part of the daily work of identity building is to learn to give up feeling that one’s choices aren’t good. Well

. . .yes–we all need to be reminded  to push back against imposed standards that serve the interests of some smug constituency. She offered us all a bridge, built from the persecution of one particular group but transformed into one that offers help and support to a broader community: just “no” to being told there’s one good way to live. This was a gift!

Our own session on blogging options and issues was really interesting and varied.

More later, but thanks to all the voices that made the conference work.