This week, an Instagram account was shut down for photos of mother Heather Bays breastfeeding her child. Watch this CBC video.


The video introduces some complications such as when Rosalind Prober comments on the need to be vigilant about images of children on line and the link to child pornography, whether the images are suggestive or not. The video also raises a question about whether the Instagram account was shut down because of the breastfeeding photo or because of other photos in the same account, such as the one that shows breastfeeding as pleasurable and possibly erotic.

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We invite you to view the videos and let us know what you think in response to this question: Do we need to be as vigilant as Prober warns us to be? Is she right in her formula that once on the net always on the net – that things made public are permanent on the net?  Or is there growing evidence that people will be able to wipe their online histories?