we went to BLOGHER and learned. . .

Hi all:

We hope to find some of our new blogging friends here and there on blog sites.

Where are you J.C. Little--what wonderful feminist/family animated work you do.Still, I wonder if anyone has ever been hurt by how you make them look, even if you think you have made them “pretty.” This is the case with offensive words often, isn’t it? I have thought I said something that showcased the good side of a person, and they have pulled me up short by objecting, “Not me!”

The first person we met at breakfast was Diana. How are you? Blogging busily and happily, we hope! Let’s connect on here, too–hear from you again! I love the irony of your blog title re momming being painless, when we know all too well the many pains and labours it provokes! But irony takes it, along with a long view and perhaps optimism!

Then we met two charming mommy bloggers just toward the end of our conference–was it late Saturday? Shout out to Samantha and Allie, with thanks for your willingness to share some of your ideas about drawing lines and staying open, so you express yourselves but are mindful of setting some privacy limits.

Fiona and I are really interested in exploring this combination: staying and being open, yet caring for the privacy needs of others. How do we balance these two interests.

In the days ahead we are going to open our blog for talk about this–focusing on ta[l]king care of ourselves and those we love, our family members that make us mommy bloggers. How do we keep our network clean and safe and growing, all the good things, without imposing too-strict self -censorship??

Well, that ‘s our question for now and the next while, we expect. . Hello out there–what do you know and do about talking with care?


We’re Under Construction

Come back soon to see the updated version of  Mommy Blog Lines: Ta[l]king Care.   You may know us from our former blog fluidmaternities, but as things have shifted a bit in our focus, we decided to represent this shift visually too – with a new blog!

We look forward to continuing the conversation.